Updated report on state-of-the-art strategy for C-ITS deployment

In ordner to provide strategy coordination support, one of the CODECS project's very first activities has been a comprehensive inventory of the state-of-the-art strategy for C-ITS deployment in Europe. At that time, CODECS had reviewed and analysed 61 reports, including initial ITS reports, national five year ITS plan reports, progress reports and other reports discussing C-ITS (view website report and D4.1). Additional information, impressions and requirements formulated towards the state-of-the-art strategy, and especially monitoring the activities of deployment players and decision making councils such as the Amsterdam Group, the C-ITS Deployment Platform and the C-Roads initiative, has led CODECS to an update of the report.  Read more...

CODECS reports addressing C-ITS in urban areas

CODECS has recently completed two reports specifically addressing urban areas and C-ITS. The first report provides insight to the views of city authorities on C-ITS as well as some key requirements and opportunities for C-ITS deployment, whereas the second deals with the more technical issue of integrating C-ITS in a city’s existing systems architecture, specifically which interfaces are affected and what is the feasibility of moving towards standardised interfaces.

Read full Deliverable 4.2 Requirements of urban transport authorities regarding cooperative V2I and I2V systems and their strategic policy implications

Read full Deliverable 4.3 Feasibility study on common technical specifications for interfacing the vehicle and urban traffic management system

State-of-the-Art Analysis of C-ITS Deployment

In Deliverable 2.2, CODECS has documented a comprehensive analysis of the state-of-the-art of C-ITS Deployment in Europe within Work Package 2 (Coordination of initial deployment activities). The deliverable takes stock of the developments with regard to three perspectives: the different C-ITS pilots and deployment initiatives, the issues to be solved for deployment, and core actors’ view on C-ITS deployment.

Read full deliverable D2.2

Workshop Series "C-ITS Deployment is underway!"

Together with the Amsterdam Group, the strategic alliance of CEDR, ASECAP, POLIS and the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium, CODECS has established the Workshop-Series "C-ITS Deployment is underway!" Both organisers are committed to network all relevant stakeholders for facilitating joint deployment of cooperative ITS in Europe, and the workshop series provides corridor projects and pilots with a platform to present their status, to declare first practical experiences and to address open issues for an aligned C-ITS implementation on vehicle and infrastructure side.

The first edition of the workshop took place in September 2015 in Roskilde, Denmark (find the summary here), followed by "C-ITS Deployment is underway! Part II" in April 2016 in Amsterdam (find detailed report in Deliverable D2.1), and the third workshop edition in February 2017 in Amsterdam (find detailed report in Deliverable D2.3).

The “C-ITS Deployment is underway!” workshops attract a growing number of deployment experts. They complement the discussion and design of the shared vision and concluded actions for C-ITS deployment which are in the focus of the European Commission’s C-ITS Platform. As a consequence, the progress reporting shall be continued in further workshops in 2017, which will also serve for advancing into more technical work on profiling of standards with infrastructure involvement.

Perspectives in functional roadmapping

On 17 February 2016, CODECS organised a Workshop on Perspectives in functional roadmapping. The Workshop belonged to CODECS’ activities on aligning implementation roadmaps to ensure a concerted C-ITS roll-out across Europe (work package 3). The workshop objectives were defined in discussing potential future C-ITS use cases which have been in the primary focus of the automotive industry who pushed the early development in C-ITS. Through an interactive workshop, the CODECS-team aimed at getting stakeholders’ feedback on potential use cases on top of safety-related V2V use cases and V2I use cases settled in motorway scenarios which are part of current road maps for Day 1. The workshop was held at the Ministry of Transport in Prague, Czech Republic, and attended by 23 stakeholders from ten European countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Re-public, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Romania and The Netherlands). After a general intro-duction of Day 1 services, ITS technologies and their potential to support Day 1 + applications, as well ascurrent industrial-driven roadmaps, the participants where split in three working groups. They created ideas for future use cases benefiting especially 1. Public Transport (PT), 2. Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs),and 3. non-safety related services.

Read full Deliverable D3.1

Report on state-of-the-art strategy for C-ITS deployment in Europe

As one of the first core activities to provide strategy coordination support, CODECS has conducted an analysis of the state-of-the-art strategy for cooperative ITS deployment in Europe. In this inventory, in total 61 reports have been reviewed, including initial ITS reports, national five year ITS plan reports, progress reports and other reports discussing C-ITS. The results of the analysis form the basis for the second activity of the Strategy Coordination Support work package: identifying open strategy issues for deployment and reaching consensus on strategy bottlenecks. Read more...