Final project presentation @ TRA 2018

16 to 19 April 2018, Vienna

CODECS used the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2018 as platform to present the final project results. The TRA took place from 16 to 19 April 2018 in Vienna, Austria, and is an arena for researchers, companies and public authorities active in the field of transport to share and discuss new ideas, research results, technological solutions and new business models. Key focus areas of this year's TRA were

  • how digitalisation is transforming transport and mobility systems,
  • how to change our mobility system with regard to decarbonisation and future growth,
  • and what the future vision for transport and mobility for Europe looks like.

CODECS joined the Interactive Zone, complementing the classic exhibition and the scientific conference. In the Interactive Zone, research results and initiatives were presented in special areas for startups, networking as well as showcase & demonstration. CODECS could be found on booth IAZ3, and organised a couple of panel sessions:

  • Tuesday, 9:30-10:30 o'clock
    Panel Title: C-ITS Deployment - Strategic Issues
  • Wednesday, 8:30 – 9:30 o'clock
    Panel Title: C-ITS Deployment – Interoperability
  • Thursday, 8:30 – 9:30 o'clock
    Panel title: C-ITS deployment - Use Cases and Roadmaps

Webinar on Use Cases

5 April 2018

Within the work package of strategic issues, CODECS organised a webinar on the current status of the development of Use Cases (V2V, I2V, V2V). The webinar took place on 5 April 2018, 13 to 16 h. The goal was to give an overview of what actual use cases are being implemented internationally, and to discuss the following questions:

  • What did we learn from the roadmaps and development of use cases so far?
  • Which Use Cases should/could have a high priority?
  • Should the development of Use Cases be aligned?
  • What recommendations can be given for harmonised development of Use Cases?

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Final workshop of CODECS C-ITS City Pool

22 March 2018, Dublin, Ireland

The final workshop of the CODECS C-ITS City Pool has been hosted by Dublin City Council on 22 March 2018. The workshop provided once more the opportunity to continue the city-focused discussions about C-ITS, including questions such as what the deployment status and prospects today are, where C-ITS can bring benefit for transport authorities, and what role they could play in the connected/C-ITS world of tomorrow.

Although the CODECS project comes to an end in April 2018, we hope that the City Pool will keep going through other initiatives such as the urban C-ITS H2020 project C-Mobile, which has been represented at the workshop.

Download presentations shown during the workshop

CODECS – Webinar on Profiles – Lessons learned and perspectives

27 February 2018

For a successful introduction of C-ITS systems and services, interoperability is key. In this context, standards are one essential tool to achieve interoperability, but standards alone are not sufficient to ensure interoperability. In order to provide benefits to all C-ITS stakeholders, also a shared understanding and consistent interpretation and application of standards is necessary.

With C-ITS deployment preparations getting more concrete all over Europe, it becomes apparent that not only an infrastructure profile is needed (in addition to the Basic System profile on the vehicle side), but that those stakeholder specific profiles also need to be harmonised across sectors, at least to some extent. In other words, a common understanding is required as a starting point, and on top of that a common system specification is created, at least covering the interfaces and overlapping areas of interest.

CODECS organised a webinar with focus on the current state of play with respect to European profiling activities, including a short wrap up, an overview of the most recent and current initiatives and tasks as well as an outlook on next steps and future profiling needs.

C-ITS Experts of the CODECS stakeholder network presented insights and also answered questions from the auditorium.

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Webinar on Roadmaps

5 December, 2017

On 5 December 2017, CODECS invited to a webinar on Roadmaps. The aim of the webinar was to present those elements related to the European deployment of C-ITS, and those roadmaps that exist for and beyond initial deployment. They allow the different stakeholders to make their own explicit selection of what they wish to deploy.

The webinar also provided an overview on how to describe use cases, as this is an important element when elaborating roadmaps to ensure all parties have the same understanding.

Download presentations shown during the webinar

EU EIP Workshop on lessons learned from C-ITS Pilots

22 November, 2017, Brussels, Belgium

The EU ITS Platform (EU EIP) project organised a workshop for lessons learned in C-ITS corridor pilots on 22 November 2017. More than 50 experts from 17 European countries representing road authorities and operators, the European Commission, OEMs, suppliers, technology and service providers, research institutes and ITS associations joined the workshop at INEA in Brussels. The presentations shown during the workshop can be found on the EU EIP Website.  The workshop was a follow up to the „C-ITS Deployment is underway!“ workshops organised by CODECS and the Amsterdam Group.

Workshop on I2V Message Architecture for Long-Term Road Works Warning (and beyond)

17 October, 2017, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

CODECS and the Amsterdam Group invited interested stakeholders to a workshop on I2V Message Architecture for Long-Term Road Works Warning (and beyond). It took place on Tuesday, 17 October 2017, at the premises of the Federal Highway Research Institute (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen, BASt) in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany.

The aim for this open technical workshop was to find common ground for the message architecture for Long Term Roadworks. In recent years, the Day One C-ITS service Short Term Road Works Warning (ST-RWW) has been shaped into a workable and widely supported message set. The next phase for the service Road Works Warning is the incorporation of Long Term Road Works Warning (LT-RWW). Early investigations have concluded that the ST-RWW message set can only be used for a small part of the full LT-RWW spectrum. To be able to transcode 99% of all RWW situation a more diverse message set is needed, e.g. by using IVI and/or MAP alongside DENM. As identified at earlier workshops, this immediately introduces new challenges such as duplicate or contradictory information.

By sharing current thoughts on this, and collaborating in a one-day workshop. CODECS aimed at progressing towards a common solution for handling multiple message sets (from various SDO’s) at once. The relevance of this went well beyond the example case of this workshop, LT-RWW. Reflecting this scope, the workshop consisted of the following building blocks:

  • Introduction of the challenge,
  • Understanding the primary purpose of message sets (e.g. DENM, IVI and MAP),
  • Defining principles for a common message architecture.

Find the workshop records in our Library

Workshop on Hybrid Communication

19 May, 2017, Brussels, Belgium

The CODECS project organised a workshop on Hybrid Communications on Friday, 19 May 2017. At this Workshop, representatives from all major European projects and involved stakeholder organisations presented their views and expectations on hybrid communication. The goal of CODECS is to support a common understanding of the term and aspects it covers. CODECS will consider the consolidated views when highlighting strategic issues, developing harmonised use-case and technology roadmaps and a blue print for giving deployment guidance.

The workshop took place in the Aqua Hotel Brussels (Rue de Stassart 43, 1050 Brussels).

Download the workshop records in our Library

Workshop C-ITS Deployment is Underway Part III

14 February, 2017, Amsterdam

The third edition of the workshop series "C-ITS Deployment is underway!", which is jointly organised by CODECS and the Amsterdam Group, was again dedicated to the progress on C-ITS Deployment in Europe. About 60 experts from 14 European countries, representing research institutes, authorities, OEMs, suppliers, cities and ITS associations, joined the workshop at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Subject of the presentations and discussions was the latest progress achieved by the “frontrunner initiatives” (e.g. C-ITS Corridor, SCOOP@F, NordicWay), and the state-of-play on open issues in view of contributing to a “blueprint” for deployment to support interoperable C-ITS services. Furthermore, guest speakers provided information about the latest progress towards C-ITS deployment on EU-level and through the pilots contributing to the C-Roads Platform. The launch of the C-Roads platform in December 2016 has increased the number of Member States involved in piloting and deploying C-ITS services significantly. And there is expected more to come making use of the recent CEF call on ITS.

Find the workshop agenda and presentations in our Library

CODECS - CIMEC City Pool Workshop #3

14 November, 2016, Barcelona

The third ‘C-ITS and cities’ workshop, organised jointly by the CIMEC and CODECS projects, took place in Barcelona during the afternoon of Monday, 14 November 2016. The workshop was held at the headquarters of the RACC in Barcelona.

The purpose of this event was threefold:

  • to respond to city questions about what is C-ITS and what it can (and cannot) do,
  • to provide information about the deployment status and plans of the main stakeholders (vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers, motorway operators and cities)
  • and finally to gather feedback on the urban use cases for C-ITS, which have been developed in both the CIMEC and CODECS projects.

This workshop was the third in a series of workshops focused on C-ITS and cities. The two former events were held in Glasgow and London.

The Barcelona workshop was being organised back to back with a stakeholder consultation workshop on ‘automated vehicles and urban traffic management’, which took  place on Tuesday, 15 November under the new H2020 project MAVEN. The timing and location of both workshops have been selected due to the Smart Cities Expo World Congress which Barcelona hosted from 15 to 17 November.

Find the workshop documentation in our Library

Workshop on C-ITS Use Cases

26 September, 2016, Amsterdam

When it comes to the benefits road users will experience when cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems and Services will have entered European Roads, the term “use case” is frequently applied. What is a use case, and how does it differ from other terms often used in the same context, e. g. scenario, service or application? How can use cases be described systematically, and which actor is responsible for their definition?

The goal of the CODECS project is to enable a common understanding of use cases. In this workshop, the project presented interim findings on use case definitions and descriptions. In the second part, the participants were invited to give insight into their understanding of use cases, and to contribute to comprehensive use case descriptions. In an open discussion, CODECS sought stakeholder’s feedback on use case priorities and their place in future C-ITS Deployment roadmaps.

The workshop took place on Monday, 26 September 2016, 10.00 to 16.30 h, in room G3.08 in the WTC Business & Conference Center at Schiphol Airport (NL).

Find the workshop documentation in our Libary

Project Dissemination Session at ITS European Congress

June 7, 2016, Glasgow

CODECS contributed to the ITS European Congress 2016 in Glasgow with a project dissemination session. Under the title "Transition challenges towards cooperative and automated driving", CODECS invited congress visitors to a panel discussion of main challenges in realising cooperative and automated traffic and transport in Europe.

Guiding questions of the discussion have been:

  • Strategy coordination support: Open issues for a strategy framework promoting seamless C-ITS deployment
  • Interoperability required today: How to organise profiling of standards with infrastructure involvement?
  • Roadmapping beyond Day One: Issues for research, testing and standardisation for the transition towards cooperative and automated driving.

In short impulse presentations, CODECS members outlined the project's activities, and the following  discussion enquired the audience's information demand and special requirements in these focus areas. Challenging items taken up for discussion by the audience have been the identification of the most active players and front runner in deployment preparation, the cooperation with non-European states as well as the upwards- and downwards compatibility of systems and services. 

City Pool Workshop #2

June 6, 2016, Glasgow

CODECS linked the second edition of the workshop "C-ITS and Cities" to the ITS European Congress in Glasgow and welcomed 25 city and local authority representatives at the Glasgow City Council. The scope of the second city pool workshop was to determine new use cases relevant for cities.

For introduction and following up on the first city workshop, the CODECS team provided an overview on the main C-ITS technology components. As basic subject for the discussion with the city representatives, the list of new use cases established during the CODECS workshop "Perspectives in functional roadmapping" has been presented. The city of Rotterdam exemplarily provided its vision for C-ITS and first practical experience with the implementation and operation. 

Main part of the workshop has then be a small group discussion on potential new use cases which are of interest for cities, especially with regard to public transport operation, the protection of vulnerable road users, and non-safety applications. The presentations shown during the workshop can be found in our Library.

C-ITS Deployment is underway! Part II

April 26, 2016, Amsterdam

CODECS and the Amsterdam Group have continued their successful collaboration with organising the second edition of the public workshop “C-ITS Deployment is underway!”  About 50 C-ITS experts from 15 European countries joined the Workshop at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to follow the status reports of C-ITS corridor project  and pilots, and to discuss technical and operational solution approaches as well as open issues for an area covering C-ITS roll-out all across Europe. The presentations shown during the workshop as well as a detailed summary of the discussion can be found in our Library

Cooperative ITS and Cities: First workshop of the CODECS & CIMEC City Pool

March 3, 2016, London

The H2020 projects CODECS and CIMEC could welcome more than 50 representatives of urban and regional road authorities as well as industry partners at their first City Pool Workshop, hosted by Transport for London.

The City Pool is a platform for sharing and building knowledge on cooperative ITS in cities, and its first physical meeting was set aside to introduce C-ITS, the deployment preparation on behalf of the automotive industry, relevant applications and the deployment status in corridor projects and pilots to city and municipality representatives. Furthermore, the cities of Newcastle and Kassel reported about their experiences in operating ITS applications in urban environment, and the CIMEC project represented preliminary results of a city requirements survey.

The workshop took place back-to-back with the final event of the VRUITS project, focusing on enhancing the safety of vulnerable road users through ITS applications.  

Find the workshop documentation in our Library.

Workshop: Perspectives in functional roadmapping

February 17, 2016, Prague

The CODECS team enjoyed a very lively discussion of future V2X communication use cases with more than 20 C-ITS stakeholders at the roadmapping workshop in Prague, Czech Republic. The workshop has been hosted by the Czech Ministry of Transport, and it has been an excellent occasion for the CODECS project to widen its stakeholder community and to debate C-ITS  implementation road maps with new dialog partners.

The workshop has been triggered by a general introduction of use cases worked out by the automotive industry, of ITS technologies for Day 2 applications and of existing road maps to move towards cooperative and automated driving. Afterwards, the participants were invited to jointly generate ideas for further C-ITS use cases. In small working groups and a very studiously atmosphere, they discussed potential services benefitting especially public transport, vulnerable road users, and services on top of safety applications.

Find the workshop documentation in our Library

CODECS led focus group discussion at Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona

The Smart City Expo World Congress has provided CODECS with the opportunity to lead a focus group discussion with local C-ITS stakeholders on potentials and challenges linked to the implementation of cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems in urban environments. About 15 participants followed the invitation of CODECS to this interactive workshop. In small working groups, they analysed strong and weak points of C-ITS applications likely to be operated in cities, with respect to business models, road safety contribution, fuel consumption, travel management, technological aspects, stakeholder perspectives & acceptance as well as privacy issues.


C-ITS Deployment is underway! - Joint public workshop of CODECS and the Amsterdam Group

September 15, 2015, Roskilde

40 participants joined the workshop "C-ITS deployment is underway!" which has been organised by CODECS and the Amsterdam Group on 15 September 2015 in Roskilde, Denmark. The workshop gave initial deployment activities a platform to present their current status, and to discuss requirements for harmonising the activities in the different deployment hot spots arising all over Europe.

The Cooperative ITS Corridor Netherlands, Germany, Austria, SCOOP@F from France, BaSIC from Czech Republic, NordicWay from Scandinavia and the UK corridor initiative provided an insight into implemented applications, applied technologies and involved stakeholders. By taking the example of Bilbao in Spain, also the city perspective on C-ITS deployment was enlightened. In the afternoon, the commitment and current activities of the European Commission as well as the EU-US Harmonisation tasks groups in accompanying initial deployment and paving the way for the next phases have been presented. 

The CODECS-team was very satisfied with the progress of the workshop being the first public
event (co)-organised by the project, and the fruitful cooperation with the Amsterdam Group.

Find the workshop documentation in our Library