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< TIMON, HIGHTS and ROADART projects organise workshop at TRA conference 12.04.2018

Second update of state-of-the-art strategy report

Taking of an inventory of the State-of-the-Art strategy was one of the first CODECS activities in work package 4 on Strategy Coordination Support. In order to take stock on the strategy status for C-ITS deployment in Europe, and to identify open strategy issues, CODECS had conducted a comprehensive analysis of strategic documents such as initial ITS reports, national five year ITS plan reports, progress reports and other reports discussing C-ITS. Now CODECS has published the second update of this report in D4.4, in relation to additional information, impressions and requirements formulated towards the state-of-the-art strategy, gathered e.g. through the CODECS workshops and webinars, or through monitoring the activities of deployment players and decision making councils like e.g. the Amsterdam Group, C-Roads and the C-ITS Deployment Platform. Read more...