CODECS follows a bottom-up approach and its study logic bases decisively on the interactive discussion within the stakeholder network. As main networking tool, CODECS organises public workshops and webinars and personally consults stakeholders to explore their views on success factors for C-ITS deployment.

Work Packages

CODECS has defined five fundamental work packages, strongly interrelated to each other:

  • WP 1 Project Management

  • WP 2 Coordination of Initial Deployment Activities

  • WP 3 Road Mapping for Cooperative ITS Deployment in Europe

  • WP 4 Strategy Coordination Support  

  • WP 5 Dissemination and Communication

Step 1: Stakeholder Network

  • introducing CODECS in stakeholder landscape
  • workshops, webinars, personal consultation
  • conference sessions
  • exhibition at congresses
  • newsletters, information material, contact list

Step 2: Inventory

WP 2

WP 3

WP 4

  • organisational concepts for networking stakeholders

  • deployment status

  • challenges and issues for deployment guidance

  • applied implementation approaches: use cases, functions, technologies, services, standards, profiles, specifications, protocols, message sets, triggering conditions
  • stakeholders, roles & responsibilities, interdependencies

  • desired use cases, applications, point in time for implementation
  • strategy status & strategy experts in pilots, corridors and cities

  • strategy aspects (regional, national, international) related to Day One and Day Two applications

  • strategic decisions taken in corridors and pilots

  • requirements in strategic decision making (special focus: cities and urban transport authorities)

Step 3: Consolidation

WP 2

WP 3

WP 4

  • deployment challenges

  • applied specifications

  • white papers drafts for specifications of V2I/I2V services

  • minimum set of standards for V2I/I2V services
  •  use cases and applications
  • priorities for use cases & point in time of implementation

  • support and technical specifications required for use cases
  • strategy aspects needing special attention (regional, national, international)

  • diverging stakeholder views

  • open strategy issues, especially from city perspective

  • requirements of urban transport authorities

  • feasibility study: defining common interface specifications

Step 4: Developing Guidelines

WP 2

WP 3

WP 4

  • concept for bringing stakeholders together and for including followers in C-ITS deployment

  • white papers for V2I/I2V services

  • standards profile for I2V/V2I services

  • blueprint for deployment
  • harmonised use case road map
  • strategic recommendations and implications

  • recommendations to define common interface specifications